The Challenge to Keep Choosing

It should be easy . . . or at the very least it should be simple. I have a plan. I have a schedule. I follow those and it all gets done. Easy AND simple.

Only the first move I make towards this easy and simple path, the world throws everything and the kitchen sink in my way. It started with a sniffle, and then progressed to a cough, and escalated to a hack until the cacophony of sounds emanating through the house resembled that of Ferris Bueller’s creation.

And my easy and simple slipped down the drain with not a single check mark to show for it.

I could have given up. Most reasonable people would have thrown in the towel. I am far from reasonable on a good day, and when you mess with my easy and simple it is NOT a good day.

I mixed up spiced tea with ginger, cinnamon, lemon and honey to combat the cough. I cooked up some broth with garlic, onion, cayenne pepper and a dash of ginger to combat the sniffle and hack. I sprayed down every surface with disinfectant. Still, nothing on my list was accomplished, but we had to be close to winning.

And then my voice gave – and I mean, completely gave way. I could speak in a whisper, but even that would send me into a coughing fit. Now, not only was my simple and easy effected, but I was not even in a position to complain about it. I would have screamed, but I had no voice.

Now even the more stubborn of folks would have packed up and gone home. Not me. That red cape just made me dig my heels in even deeper. I went for the big guns – the Eucalyptus essential oil! I added that to the regimen of tea and broth and the whole house began to smell of victory – or at least of eucalyptus which smells a lot like victory in this situation.

I went to bed that night certain that I had repaired the order of things. I woke up to still hacking and coughing, but less than before. My voice still suffered, but less than before. It was time to double down.

I reset my plan. I reset my schedule. And this time I brought along the timers just to give me the added boost to make it work. Nothing had gone the way I had planned before, but that can never be the reason I choose not to plan. Nothing had gone according to the schedule I had set before, but past stumbles should never get in the way of future efforts.

I have to keep resetting until things come into balance. As long as I am willing to invest and to try, I will come closer to the place that I desire. It is on my and it will only happen one choice at a time. Yes, things are going to come up and I may have to dodge a kitchen sink or two, but I can get there if I just keep on moving in that direction.

Be blessed,


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