Not Normal is More Normal – Becoming a Proud Freak

I am not normal – if you have read my blog or my column for very long (or if you have met me in person) then you probably already know this. I have a knack for doing things my own unique way.

The more I study the Scriptures, the more I realize that most of the stories are about people that were “not normal.” The more I look around me, the more I am aware that most of us are “not normal” – although some of us are better at pretending that normal is normal.

We are called to stand out from the crowd – and I am daring you to take this challenge to be different.

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Chris Brogan stands out from the crowd because he is willing to keep it simple, tell it straight and live out his own unique style of #proudfreak.

Darren Camp stands out from the crowd because he is willing to show his heart and share his stories in his songs.

Kathryn Lang stands out from the crowd because she dares to see the good, the positive and the uplifting no matter what the circumstances swirling around her.

Do you dare to stand out?

Share your stories, share your struggles, or just share your heart. Let’s work together to build up so that we can light up this world as we stand out from the crowd.

Be blessed,

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1 thes Chapter 5 7-14-14

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