Quiet Relaxing – Continuing in the 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge

I sat there in the quiet of the morning enjoying the rising sun – for a moment. My thoughts soon wandered to the list of things that I needed to do and then stumbled over the things that I had left undone. I looked at my watch. Ten minutes seems to be my limit for calm, peaceful thoughts.

I added quiet relaxation to my 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge. It is nothing fancy or structured. I just sit on the back porch, in a rocking chair, sipping my coffee and enjoying the waking of the morning.

The idea was sparked by Chris Brogan and his book, “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth.” I wanted to rest and just be instead of always trying to plan and do.

Yesterday in my first attempt at quiet relaxing, I made it ten minutes. “Sorry, Lord.” I knew I needed to be able to sit longer, but my mind wanted to race. Right after I spoke the words, guilt began to close in. I would be able to do better if only I tried harder.

And then a squirrel crawled out from behind a tree. He was all alone that morning. The other squirrels had either not gotten up or had chosen a different scavgening spot. I watched him pick his way through the dew covered grass until he found the tree he wanted. Our mulberry tree is in full fruit and he was here to dine.

I watched for a while – not thinking about to do lists or bills or even my life. I just watched the squirrel, making his way to his breakfast.

I laughed, out loud, and he darted up the tree. It took a squirrel – the one thing I use to describe destractions – to help enjoy the quiet relaxing that I know I need.

God is good that way.

This morning, I made it ten minutes and laughed at my own limitations. “Ah, sorry Lord. I will get better – just a little bit at a time, right.” And then the sun broke through the trees and the rays lighted on dozens of spider webs. I had been looking in those areas for the full ten minutes and I saw nothing – until the light hit it.

with the light

I watched the rays create crystal illusions in the trees. The different songs of the birds in the trees sounded stronger than before and I strained to pick out the unique sounds each one offered. I noticed a squirrel in the far side of the yard, cutting limbs to prepare a nest.

I looked. I listened. I waited. And I experienced the quiet relaxing in a different way that I had the day before.

Maybe that is what it is about – waiting, looking and listening for that encounter with God to start our day. Maybe we need a calming moment during the day. Always He is there waiting for us.

Will you take a moment and experience the quiet relaxing?

Be blessed,

I would love for you to share your moments of quiet relaxing. Tell me where you like to take that moment or maybe what you have encountered during that time. Hearing the journey of others can provide a new direction for discovering out own quiet relaxing moments.

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