Growing HOPE – June 30, 2014 – A Helping Hand

Reach out and help somebody. I think I heard a song about this or maybe it was a quote on Facebook. The value of helping others has been broadcast in so many different ways.

Today, on the CWA Radio broadcast of Growing HOPE, I shared my own thoughts about helping others. I have always had an image in my mind of what that meant and how it worked, but as the show came together – and events that came to light after the show ended – I think I finally understand the importance of my blue nail polish.

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An Attitude of Helping

    Be humble – because you can always learn from someone if you are willing.

    Be calling – cry out to God; wail for His grace and mercy in your life.

    Be patient – in your life and for the people around you. It is a journey not a sprint for the Dr. Who fans out there, it really is a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing and God will work it out.

    Be hungry for righteousness – seek out ways and opportunities to live in uprightness.

    Be merciful – overflow with compassion and forgiveness. Forgiveness is not about someone being sorry about releasing their power over your emotions through that forgiveness.

    Be pure in heart – let the Love of God grow in your heart to the point that it is your spiritual reactions are your natural response.

    Be peaceful – seek for ways and times to offer healing and comfort.

    Be prepared – the world does not appreciate a heart pursuing the purpose of God. It will point. It will scream. It will persecute. But God will always prevail.

Along this journey of helping others, I shared a song by my Rocket City Blogging friend, Morgan Trotter. After the airing of the show, he shared with me that the “You Are My Delight” was released as a fundraiser for two women shelters. Not only did I have the opportunity to help Morgan and his friend Bobby sharing their song, but it turns out their song was helping others.

The ultimate “pass it on.”

You Are My Delight Facebook


“You Are My Delight” is God singing His love and care over the victims of domestic violence. Indeed, it is God singing His love over all of us. You can hear this song as a word from God to you about His love for you personally as well.

How are you reaching out? Share your stories below. Maybe we can find even more surprising ways to help others.

Be blessed,


Music for the commercials on Growing HOPE was provided by Darren Camp and Chris Zabriskie.

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1 thes Chapter 3

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