Studying the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Six

Begin this study by reading through chapter six in Proverbs. Use several different translations (you can use the internet if you do not own different translations) to help clarify terminology of words and understanding for individual passages. Make notes about any ideas, thoughts or questions that come up during the readings.

Wisdom Goes Beyond the World

The world will tell you things that make sense if you use rational thought. The Words of God do not always follow that path. Wisdom makes sense to the heart and not always to the mind. You have to continue to build and grow in Wisdom so that you can see the right path and walk down that path with boldness.

Book of Proverbs Warnings to Live By

  • Words have power and you can be snared simply by the words that you speak. Watch your words so that you do not get caught by them.
  • Laziness has no place in your life. It will allow poverty to move in and steal all that you have. Make a plan for your future and put actions behind those plans every day.
  • You have to do what you know to do no matter what others are doing. Follow the habits of the ant that waits for no commands but just does what he knows to do and is prepared when the day arrives.
  • Seek peace in all situations. A man that invests in discord will reap the pains of all that he has sewn. Spreading strife, even under the guise of helping, will only leave you holding the bag of calamity in the end.
  • Keep your eyes to yourself. Lust starts in the eyes and then spreads to the mind before it begins to be shown in actions. Following the path of lust will always lead to disgrace and reproach. It shows a lack of understanding, moral principle, and even prudence. Show strength and wisdom by looking away and keeping your heart pure.

Following the path of the Word to Wisdom and Knowledge will provide you with a life of peace, joy and contentment. There may be storms that still come at you in the days ahead, but you will have a foundation that will let you stand fast against the elements that they bring. Head the warnings of Proverbs and learn to walk the path that will provide the end that you seek.

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