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Believe in Writing Success

Lesson 2 - Believe

How you believe in writing success will determine where you go with your writing dreams. “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right.” – Henry Ford. Mr. Ford knew what he was talking about when he made that statement. Belief dictates the reality of life. If I believe the sky is green, then for me the sky is green. It may not seem that easy in the daily walk of things, but it is that simple.

Learning to Believe in Writing Success

    – Know what you want. Believing in something starts with knowing that something. You need to make a list of what you want so that you can begin to develop a habit of belief.

    – Get support. Surround yourself with others that see your potential and push you to reach to those goals.

    – Speak the words. I AM are two of the most powerful words when hooked together. Put them to work in your life.

Seeing is not believing – believing is being bold enough to dream a dream and then move toward that dream. It is having the audacity to image the dream in your mind and then picture it so clearly that it becomes the reality.

Today the challenge is to write out the dreams that you have for your life. Make a list of three to five. Now create I AM statements that bolster those dreams. Once you have those statements, share them with at least one person that will encourage you to those dreams.

I dare you to believe that all things are possible so much that they are.

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