Belief Builds a Foundation of Knowing

Build your belief
“I know that is true, but then things happen or something comes up and I end up doubting what I know.”

Life is full of these moments – where reality and faith collide. My husband and I faced one of them down on the back porch just this past week. I shared my belief. He agreed with my belief and then continued on to explain how that belief was challenged by what he saw and heard.

The promises from God are rarely accepted by the reality of the world. He is too big for the world to comprehend and the world does not really want to know all that He has to offer anyway. The world is too busy making up rules, creating demands and working to distract me from the promises to actually listen to those promises.

“How am I supposed to live in the belief of one thing when everything around me says something else?”

Know What You Know

I accepted Christ as my personal savior when I was six years old. My dad and I knelt down next to my bed and I made my confession. Over the next few decades, I made some stupid decisions, some bad decisions and some downright WRONG decisions – but none of what I did negated the decision I made that day at six.

I went to church with a friend, and the people around me encouraged me to go forward and “make a professions.” I tried to explain to them that I had made that profession, but apparently I had not made it recently so it did not count. They tried to convince me that I had to make a new confession for it to stick.

They tried, but were unsuccessful in talking me out of my salvation because I believed then (and I believe now so there is no reason for you to try to convince me) that my six year old confession held firm.

The world tried to talk me out of my belief – and the world will continue to try to talk me out of all of my beliefs. I have to come to a place in my own mind, heart and Spirit where what I know is what I know.

    – read the Word. The things that you put into your mind are the things that will take root in your heart. Make the Word one of the most important elements that you plant. Read it every day, multiple times each day, and soon you will discover that it has blossomed up and spilled over into your daily life.

    – repeat what you read. One of my former bosses started every work day with a staff meeting. He ended every one of those staff meetings with each one of us chanting (as a group), “I am happy. I am healthy. I am terrific.” If you say it often enough, eventually you will begin to believe it. And if you keep saying it then it becomes more difficult to forget it (or for the world to convince you otherwise).

    – be convinced of your own belief. It is one thing to know something. It is another thing to believe what you know. Until you truly believe the thing that you know, it will be easy for someone to convince you that what you know is not real.

Getting to that place where you know something and believe that something to the point that nothing will take it away does not happen overnight. You do not inherit that depth of belief. You do not educated into that type of belief. You have to plant into your own knower that belief and then nurture it until it is fully formed.

Do you know what you know?

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