Giving up TV Could Make You Rich

Saving Advice had a great article about dumping TV and making more money. I found the article through one of the guys that I follow on Twitter. The basis of the article is that we each spend WAY TOO much time watching television. I know I’m guilty. It got me thinking that if I were to quit watching television altogether what would that do for me right now?

Benefits of Giving up Television

    1. Cutting the cable would mean an additional $100 in the checking account each month.

    2. If we were no longer using the televisions then we could sell them and probably make around $100 (maybe more, but our televisions are very old).

    3. There would be more room in the family room and the study since the old TV’s would be gone.

    4. There would be more time in the day to spend with the family because no one would just be sitting around watching nothing for hours on end.

    5. Getting rid of the satellite dish would mean I could re-do my garden without that giant metal thing sticking up in the middle of it.

    6. My whole family would be in a better mood since almost everything on television is negative anyway.

    7. No television would mean less time to be distracted and more time to focus on my blogs, freelance writing career and other income endeavors.

Giving up television might not make me rich overnight but it would definitely free up time, money and mental power. The more time could lead to more job opportunities. More money could mean more savings and faster. And more mental power would mean that I would know the best way to deal with the more time and the more money. Maybe giving up television really will make me rich.

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  • I haven’t had cable TV in years, and I don’t miss it. Well, except HGTV, but that’s another story. I’m strictly a rabbit-ears kind of gal, which limits my TV consumption to approximately 8 channels.

    With less choices, I find myself picking up a book and reading instead of watching TV.


    • I have to admit that I envy you. I have danced around the idea but have been unable to bite the bullet ;). I do have a new box like a TiVo that lets me record my favorite shows. This means I can watch on Sat or Sun when I try not to do much any way (and I can skip commercials which means it takes me about 1/2 the amount of time!).