Magical, Mystical Mom

Moms are amazing – and I’m not just saying that because I am one myself. It is a wonder how much time, energy and physical discomfort that moms endure to get their children here on earth only to spend more time and energy and physical discomfort keeping them here once they arrive.

Most moms spend around nine months carrying the weight of a small toddler dangling off the front of their bodies (and some of us continue to walk around with that weight long after the baby is delivered). Moms will spend long days and long nights feeding, nurturing and codling babies into toddlers into teens into adults.

I was reminded of the superpower of moms this morning when my child spoke – not yelled, not called, but only spoke – “momma.” If any of my children call me by name at 2:30 in the morning you can bet I’m up and in there in a flash. After getting him some juice and settling him back in bed I began to thing about all of the magical powers God bestows on moms.

The Magic of Mom

    1. Mom literally can see out of the back of her head (or around the corner or into the next room or sometimes into the very thoughts of her children). Forget all those things you heard about Santa Claus – the real person that “sees you when you are sleeping and KNOWS when you are awake” is mom.

    2. Mom can hear a child getting ready to be sick before the child’s own body even knows what is coming. Her super sensitive hearing is backed up by lightning speed that allows her to get the child to a save location (i.e. bathroom or over a garbage can) before any trouble ensues.

    3. Mom can go on just four, three or even two hours of sleep at a time – the amount of sleep needed and the amount of time mom can function on that sleep is dependent largely on the age of the children and the circumstances. A sick child of any age means mom has temporary stamina to endure. Infants provide even greater endurance for function on no sleep.

    4. Mom can kiss away the pain of a “boo boo.” No band-aid, medication or treat can accomplish the healing powers of a kiss from mom.

    5. Mom can sing. No matter how bad mom may sing in public, in the privacy of the children’s bedroom and when acting in the capacity of mom then she can bolt out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” like nobody’s business.

There are just some things that mom can do that can no be accomplished at any other time in life. The special powers and energy that come with being mom can only be describe as magic. God knows that it takes these magical gifts for mom to be able to get her children to where they need to be (and for her to survive the process as well).

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