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Freelance Work Requires Overcoming Distractions

I’ve been distracted. My email popped up a sweepstakes opportunity that led me to the DIY Network which made me start looking for ways to sign up for the shows. After about thirty minutes of distraction I realized I had my next post.

I have a limited amount of time each day. The 10 week challenge that I gave myself and the steps I’m taking to reach each goal help me to utilize my time. But no matter how well I attempt to plan there are distractions that often getting in my way. Defeating the distractions and getting back on track can take patience, energy and support.

Defeating Distractions

    1. Use a timer for those tasks that can easily eat up your day (like checking emails or doing “research”). Having a buzzer go off could be all the motivation you need to get back to the task you should be doing.

    2. Spread out the work. Sitting and grading papers (or writing articles or doing household chores) for hours on end can make your brain begin to sizzle. Spreading the work out into smaller chunks gives you a since of accomplishment and keeps you fresh.

    3. Schedule time for play. All work and no play kind of defeats the reason many of us work at home in the first place. Plan one hour hear and there where you can get out and enjoy the sunshine, great weather and the family.

    4. Find a partner. If there is someone else who works at the same times that you work then they can check in with you through out the day – preferably a quick IM, text message or email – and encourage you to accomplish your to-do list.

    5. Watch the load. Over loading the must do portion of the to-do list can leave you feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start. Remember to make smaller tasks out of the larger tasks and to spread it out!

    6. Shake if off. The truth is that we all get distracted even if we are in a perfect working environment. Our thoughts can wander off into worlds all their own. Shake it off, get up and do something manual then get right back to it. Never give up and never give in.

I have been distracted but I have come out on top of the distraction! I am re-energized to do what needs to be done. Distractions are going to happen. It is how they are handled that will determine if I continue on to the possibilities or stay behind in my own perceived limitations.

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