Moms Have Super Powers

Moms are super heroes. They even have super powers. It has not been determined if they are born with these powers or if they come from a reaction to toxic waste (in the form of diapers) or other chemicals. All that is certain is that moms can do things normal humans can not.

    1. A mom can hold a diaper bag, purse, baby and cupcakes with out spilling a thing – just don’t offer to take anything or it will all come tumbling down.

    2. A mom can go for several nights on five minute cat naps between upset children, cleaning the garbage can and changing the sheets! The amazing thing is that she won’t need a nap the next day.

    3. A mom can hear the kids asking questions while answering an email while talking on the phone – and not miss a beat. It goes beyond multitasking to an almost computer like ability to comprehend information and then respond.

    4. A mom can hear a problem before it arises – she knows when that gagging noise is going farther and is prepared before anything can happen. It is not just about the noise, but knowing response time AND knowing how to respond.

    5. A mom can recognize a look and know immediately that the child broke something, hit someone or is just “taking a break.” She also has eyes in the back of her head so that she can see the pushing and shoving without having to SEE the pushing and shoving.

    6. A mom can make any needed item magically appear from either the car, her purse or the diaper bag. It doesn’t matter if it is nail clippers, a screw driver or band aids – she has access to it all in the snap of a finger.

There are things that can drag a mom down – every super hero has her kryptonite. But for the most part the mom is going to know the who, the what, the why, the when and the how long before the situation arises. It’s just part of being a mom.

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