Making the Choice – What About Love

Choose the two steps of love
There are days when I look around and wonder. I wonder why. I wonder how. I wonder if Jesus loved me so much then why He would let me be where I am.

My thoughts should not be about if Jesus loves me – Jesus IS love so the two can never be separated. It is impossible for Jesus to exist outside of love. Jesus loves me.

So, if Jesus loves me then how did I get here? The question I should be asking is do I love Jesus? If I show my love to Him by my obedience to His word, then I think I might be lacking a little in the love department.

I like Him – most days. I like what He has to say and the promises that He offers.
I appreciate Him – most days. I appreciate His actions and His behaviors.
But to love Him, I have to obey – and that is just going a little too far, would you not agree?

Learning How to Love Jesus

    Jesus said if I love God then I love Him. I love God by making the choice to make His Word a natural part of my existence. I have to read it, hear it, speak it so consistently that it becomes as natural as breathing. But I have to make that choice, and making that choice means letting some of my self stuff go. I want to have that relationship with God, but it would be easier for me if He would do more of the work.

    Jesus said if I love others then I love Him. I love others by making the choice to invest my time, my resources and my finances into them. I prefer to invest in meeting my own wants, needs and desires, but Jesus said love others as I love myself . . . and I love myself enough to give to me, to do for me, and to focus on me. But I have to push the selfishness aside to make others a priority.

Jesus loves me. I know this because I have experienced His love. I have experienced His love through others, through situations and through His Word. He gives His love freely and in turn that Love pours out to others – if I choose.

There are only two steps to Love, but even those two steps cause my feet to stumble. I want what I want and I did not ask to have to work to get it.

Where do you fall in the Love department?

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