A Fight for the Church – Find the Focus


Some churches are working hard to draw in members. They are changing services, adding drums and dancers and dramas and doing all the right things to fill the pews. Other churches are working hard to find a purpose for each member and then guide them into filling that purpose. The first is working to please man – the second is working to please God.

Acts 5:29 tells us that we are to work to please God. It can be difficult looking to God when the world is beating at the doors. After all, don’t bills have to be paid? Isn’t it our job to help those who don’t know our Savior?

Yes the bills do have to be paid, but it is not our job to pay them. God has said that he will be the supply for His people. Walking in His will to do His purpose means that the supply will be there.

No it is not our job to save the world. It is our job to share the Word but it is the Holy Spirit that draws the people. And the Holy Spirit is not restricted to special music, certain speakers or fancy performances. The Holy Spirit only needs a person or people that are willing to be open to His direction.

Finding the right focus will help guide the church – and each person in the church – to the purpose for which they were called.

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