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Find the Path to Prevailing Peace: More than Duct Tape and Determination

Prevailing peace can’t be put together with duct tape and determination. Although, they will try to convince you that duct tape can fix anything and when you combine duct tape and determination you can create a whole new world (or at least a really cool prom dress). But living a life put together with those elements will eventually lead you to burn out or a skid out into the ditch.

I used to have a picture of a goat standing on a mountain. Below the image were the words: I’m so far behind I think I’m ahead.

I’ve run that race many, many times. I always hear the Alabama song when I think about rushing. For those moments when I’m in a hurry, and I don’t even know why I’m in a hurry, I’ve been trying to work on ways to stop, look, and peace out. I’m searching for my path to prevailing peace.

Running Off Duct Tape

I got very good at robbing Peter to pay Paul – until Peter ran out of money. Then I was so busy trying to bail out the boat I didn’t have time to plug the hole.

You can cover those holes with duct tape, but if the pressure stays on it, eventually even the duct tape will fail.

Those were tough times – but I used them to learn, to grow, and to come up with some really cool DIY projects.

But until I determined to live each day in settled peace, I struggled. And when I choose to walk in settled peace, the world came at me like gangbusters. 

We find prevailing peace even through the storms when we choose to hold tight to peace.

“Peace prevails
through the storms
when we choose to hold tight
to peace.”
– Kathryn Lang

prevailing peace

Don’t be anxious about anything. Enter the situation with prayer and petition and thanksgiving knowing that God hears and understands and guards your heart and mind. In other words, remember that God’s got this. – from Philippians 4:6

Death by Determination

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I could be stubborn. My husband has mentioned even more than I have. Determination relates to stubbornness in its unwillingness to waiver. It has to be done. It has to be done a certain way. It has to be done right now. 

Determination can be a good thing, but it can quickly spiral out of control. If it’s not tempered with flexibility for circumstances and a positive heart, then it becomes a force for destruction. The determination that could push you forward actually becomes the driving force that breaks your duct tape.

Path to Prevailing Peace

“If you’re conflicted – stop and listen. Don’t just keep going.”

Let It Go

Long before it was a song, let it go was the key to walking out peace. David showed the quality of letting it go when he found out his child had died. Esther showed the strength of letting it go when she determined to step into the king’s chamber. I showed my willingness to let it go when I quit trying to make my husband complete the to-do list he never agreed to complete.

When you let go of the illusion that you have control then you begin to let in peace.

Know the Truth

The only thing standing between you and your peace is you. Nobody can steal your peace – no, not even that husband who’s watching YouTube videos instead of completing that to-do list. 

You are in control of your peace walk. The more you invest in understanding God so you can walk in obedience, the bolder you become in that walk of peace.

Stop Comparing

Someone will always have it better than you. Someone will also always have it worse. It doesn’t have to look fair to you. You’re on your journey, and nobody else’s. 

When you focus on your walk, then you find your way to peace.

Stop Complaining

The words we speak settle into our hearts and take root. If you stop complaining and start praising, then you’ll find hope and encouragement taking root and quickly overtaking any of the complaints that may have been scattered in the area. 

Speak thanksgiving if you want to grow peace.

Beyond Duct Tape and Determination

We are not called to survive this journey. We were made to thrive – to live blessed, exceeding abundant lives of purpose.  

The other day, I did everything I could to tie things together with duct tape. It wasn’t working. The duct tape kept sticking to itself and once that happens it’s impossible to make it useful. No matter how I looked at the situation, no amount of duct tape and determination would get me through.

I quit worrying and started praying. I listed all the times that God had shown up and shown out in my life in the last two years. I could go back farther (I keep a record for just such occasions), but the quick memory boost did the trick.

“God, I give it to you.” And I meant every word. As soon as I let it go, peace flowed in. 

You have to find your way to get beyond the duct tape and determination moments and trust that God has this. Then you will find that where you let go, peace follows.

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Find Your Prevailing Peace

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