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Challenge the Ordinary to Discover Writing Success

Challenge to Writing Success

Building a successful writing career requires a desire to challenge the way things are in order to get a place where you want to be. Nothing is ever accomplished with dreams alone. I have to put force behind the dreams to drive them to reality.

Five Dos that Challenge the Ordinary

    1. Do more today than yesterday. It does not have to be much more – each little push will build the momentum so that you will rise higher each time out.

    2. Do something different. Staying in the same ole same ole will produce the same ole same ole. Dare to do a new activity or style and see where that leads. It is stretching the abilities and the imagination that will allow you to reach beyond where you are right now.

    3. Do something for someone else. It is easier to put off the things I am supposed to do when it is only me involved. Providing a service or support for another person will make it more difficult to just put it off.

    4. Do join a group. Get involved with groups – online or in person – that meet on a regular basis. Participate in tasks, contests or courses that will give you accountability and encouragement.

    5. Do keep going. No matter what yesterday held, today is fresh and new. Do something and keep doing something until you get to reach your destination.

You are capable of more than you ever imagined possible – but only if you are willing to move beyond where you are right now.

Today: Choose one of the five Dos and make it part of your schedule. Write out a pledge to DO that one thing and then keep a record for the next two weeks of how you DO that one thing and what it does for your writing career.

Are you ready to move beyond the ordinary and expected?

13 Weeks to Grow a Writer – get 26 tips and challenges to help grow you to your writing success.

Lesson 1 – Act – do something. Nothing happens until something happens. Your dreams about writing will only become a reality when you begin taking the steps to get there.

Lesson 2 – Believe – settle the dream into your heart. Henry Ford once said that if you think you can or if you think you cannot you are right either way. Let the dream settle so strong in your heart that it can anchor you through any situation.

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