Consistency Challenge – Day One Or Jumping into #BlogLikeCrazy

Consistency comes up a lot in my writing and my teachings. I share the ideas to remind myself as much as I do to help others understand. Consistency is important. It is valuable. It makes a difference.

Jesus developed consistency. He spent each morning in prayer – which means he consistently start his day in conversation with God. Proverbs also carries the reminder that consistency makes a difference when it says that I need to meditate on the word day and night (that is every day and every night).

Secular business and entertainment understand the value of consistency. Bruce Springsteen shared his thoughts about consistency. “Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” It takes consistency to get to where you want to go.

I get that. I recognize that consistency is good. I know it. But it seems that my knower and my doer have not been communicating. I do the things I have been doing even though I know I need to be consistent in what I need to do to get to my destination. I am stuck between the knower and the doer and it is not a fun place to be.

The consistency message bombarded me recently – first through events I was attending and most recently through the book I was grading for my son. I am determined to take hold of the message and utilize it to bring my doer and knower to the same place.

See Jane Write Magazine put out the #bloglikecrazy challenge for the month of November. It will hold me accountable to doing what I know to do and to being consistent in creating content for readers (at least for thirty days). #Bloglikecrazy will be a great way to work out my consistency muscle and have some fun with the other Jane’s around the blogosphere.

Expectations of the Consistent Blog

    1. Writing every day will help me make the blog a priority. I manage to get up every day. I manage to feed the kids every day. I manage to feed myself every day. I can manage to share content with you every day.

    2. #Bloglikecrazy will allow me to connect with others – readers and bloggers. It will push me to daily communication and hopefully that communication will grow relationships.

    3. Writing every day will help me write every day. Some days you just want to do nothing – unless you have to. Committing to a challenge pushes me to the point of have to. I do it because it is time to do it and not because I feel like it.

Are you consistent?

Join the #bloglikecrazy challenge. Join a gym. Join the NaNoWriMo movement. Join in some way so that you can begin to work out your consistency muscle and through growing consistency become all that you are designed to be.

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  • To know AND to do. That is the big challenge. Good luck in your quest. I’ve experienced the challenge of being consistent in my podcast. So I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’m sure the #bloglikecrazy experience will benefit both of us!

    • Thanks for visiting Sheree,

      I find I do best with at least some accountability but I also have to be in that place where I am ready to be accountable. This month I am ready! Be bold in what you are doing as well.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Javacia – I am both excited and nervous about taking on this challenge. NaNo and I did not get along so well last year. But I know that one excuse is as good as the next and if i can get up out of my bed consistently for as many years as I have managed then blogging for 30 days should be a snap.