Study the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Seven

Start the study by taking a moment to read through chapter seven in Proverbs. Read the words out loud if the opportunity presents itself. Try to find several different translations and read through those. Be sure that you make notes about questions or concerns that come up as you read.

Wisdom and Knowledge are Simple Steps for Life

Wisdom and Knowledge will provide the guidance and understanding that keep away the snare. It does not have to be difficult or complicated. All that is needed is a determination to follow the commandments handed down and developing a habit of applying the law in everything.

God makes it simple. “Keep my Word.” Just in case that does not make sense to a heart or mind, He repeats the idea in another way. “Treasure My commandments within in you.” And for those that are too hard headed to listen the first two times or just miss the instructions, He adds a third directive, “Keep My commandments and you will live.”

Do what the Father says and you will stay on the right path.

Tips for Keeping with the Directives of God

    – Guard the teachings. This will requires some investment of study. Become a pupil of the Word by committing to spend time daily in that Word and you will guard the teachings that you receive from the Word.

    – Bind the teachings. Proverbs prompts us to bind the teachings to our fingers and write them on our hearts. It means that there needs to be a constant reminder of who we are, where we came from, were we are going and who we represent along the way.

    – Be wary of the world. The world will try to pull you from your path. It will lie, dress up, pretend or whatever is necessary to get you off track. Always be on the lookout for the tricks and traps of the world.

It is simple. Do what the Father says. Guard His teachings and bind them into your moment to moment life and you will be able to recognize the world for exactly what it is.

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