Build a Life of Success

Build YOUR Success

Do you want to be a success?

I have only met a few people that wanted to settle for mediocre or just enough – they had no desire to succeed. Not many people are naturally inclined to settle in failure (and anything less than your personal best could qualify). Most people want success, whatever that means to you.

Can you define success?

I have one definition and that definition is different today than it was five years ago. Things change. I change. Reviewing my journey helps me to continue to grow and expand and focus my definition of success. I suspect that the definition I wrote yesterday is completely different from the definition of success that you have for your journey. Do you have something that would make you say, “I have reached the place that I desire?” It might be a particular award, acknowledgement, title, position or income level that lets you know you have arrived. You have to define what you consider success or the world will define it for you – and then that same world will be in the position to dictate your limits.

Why do you want your success?

The road to that mountain peak or top rung will not always be easy. There will be days when it would be easier to walk away than to keep going. The right motivation can be the difference between “keeping on keeping on” or giving up. Superficial reasons might get you some of the way, but it takes a deep rooted desire to drive you on through the tough times.

What will you commit to make this a reality in your life?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. You can do it. I am five feet tall, but I could be a professional basketball player if I had the desire to make it happen. It would require a HUGE commitment. It would require a lot of sacrifice. It would require investments of my resources and finances. Every mountain peak is reached when someone takes the initiative to get there – but they have to GET there. You have to know what you can (and what you WILL) commit to the journey if you are serious about seeing your success.

If you know you want to be a success and you know what that means in your hear and you are rooted in the reasons behind the desire and you are willing to commit what is necessary to reach it THEN there is nothing that will keep you from the success that you desire.

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