Setting Priorities for Life

The times are fast and time is crowded. There is always something going on and the pace makes time slip away almost with out notice. Finding a life of peace and contentment requires uncovering the things that are truly important for you life.

Determining What is Important

    1. Head – Make a list of those things that stay in the front of my thoughts. Things that are important to me will filter through my mind on a regular basis.

    2. Heart – Make a list of those things that get me excited about life and living.

    3. Spirit – Take time to pray over the two lists. It is important for me to open my ears so that I can hear the direction of God who created me for my purpose and place.

    4. Zeal – Uncover those things that cause an intense eagerness. The more I desire or enjoy something the more likely I will be to follow through.

    5. Peace – Combining prayer with sincere thoughts about how to spend each moment of the day will create a life of priorities that will bring about peace and contentment.

Everyone needs a schedule – even if it’s not written down and strict. The idea is to create a list of priorities that will give you guidance on how to best spend your limited amount of time.

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