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Invest in the Positive to Embrace the Hope

You have to invest in the positive to find and embrace your hope.

It all matters

  • Positive people
  • Positive words
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Positive sounds
  • Positive thoughts

Without the positive, hope will not seed and grow. Without the positive investment, hope already set will begin to fade.

Invest in the positive to embrace the hope needed to stand strong through the storms.

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It’s been a hard few days. Maybe it’s been a hard few weeks, and it all caught up with me. Whatever and however, hope faltered.

I continued to share words of hope, and that helped keep me going. But no sooner would the words leave my lips then I would feel the weight of despair on my shoulders.

I shed a few tears, and I confess I got angry a few times. I wanted to rant and scream to someone else so they could share the burden. But at the same time, I didn’t want to spread the despair or give it fuel to grow.

So, I clung to hope around every corner. Praise music in the background while I worked helped a little. I also made efforts to be around people that spoke words of encouragement and positivity. I did all I could to invest in the good things so I would be engulfed in hope.

Finally, the dawn broke, the clouds parted, the despair diminished.

invest in the positive to provide your breakthrough

I can still feel the edges of despair, just off to the side of my mind. It wants a place again. The clouds threaten to give it a place again. It would be easy to give despair what it wants. The negatives and the discouragement are literally all around me.

But so are the positives. I get a message through social media from a friend wanting me to know that he supports my journey. I have a cup of coffee while sharing with my dad about how God will make a way. My morning study brings encouragement and enlightenment.

All of these things have one thing in common – positivity.

The more I invest in the positive reinforcement, the stronger I will be when despair demands its way.

invest in the positive
  • Find positive people. As much as most people hate Social Media, I’ve invested in finding positive people around the web. My feed is full of people focused on being a positive or finding the positive. In-person, I’m always looking for groups and gatherings with a positive energy. It doesn’t have to align directly with my purpose, as long as it feeds the positives.
  • Seek positive words. My day starts with Scripture, and the words provide positive reminders for my journey. But the fiction I choose to read also feeds me, so I seek out words with a message of positivity or possibility or hope. If it leaves my heart heavy, then I look for better investments.
  • Search for a positive atmosphere. I’ve been to places that made me smile just with the knowledge I was getting to go. The people were great. The vibe was great. You felt welcomed, wanted, and appreciated. I’ve been to the opposite as well. When you find places with an atmosphere that fuels your positives, then find reasons to be there.
  • Immerse in positive sounds. Keep in mind that positive for one is not necessarily positive for another, and you need to be immersed in your positives for your hope journey. The last several mornings, a wren has perched on our porch to greet the dawn. It’s the perfect positive to prompt my hope focus. It reminds me of our home before the tornado, and it helps me remember the best is yet to come. Invest in the positive sounds that soothe your soul.
  • Repeat positive thoughts. The more you repeat it, the more it solidifies in your heart and mind. I repeat the lyrics to “Unstoppable God” by Sanctus Real all day long. When things get tough, I remember that nothing can stop an unstoppable God. Power for the journey comes when you infuse your thoughts with the positives you’ve encountered. Nothing can stop a mind fueled by the positives.

You are “this close” to living out your purposed life. The circumstances may not show it right now, and the world will definitely not admit it. But you can get there if you keep going.

Hope makes way for you to get there.

Be invested in growing hope for your journey by finding your way to invest in the positive for your life.

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Quote of the Day

Find places
that fuel your positivity
and then find reasons
to be there.
Kathryn Lang

fuel your positivity

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  • There is so much negativity on social media that I often give thought to leaving all the platforms. And then I participate in a chat, tag up with friends who are very dear to me, and have very constructive conversations where I can both teach and learn. It’s often the best hour of a day. So I stay and try to just filter the negative. Charlie “Tremendous” Jones who wrote “Life is Tremendous” said that the person you will be in five years depends on the books you read and the people with whom you associate. Kathryn is absolutely correct. Hang with positive people and fill your mind with positive words. To that end I recommend Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking.” A classic in the topic. And on social media – follow Kathryn. She always lifts me up!

    • Thank you, Tom.

      Twitter Chats have been a great place for encouragement and inspiration for me, as well. Honored to have connected with you through Twitter chats.

      Have a blessed day!