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Develop a Hunger for God to Grow Hope

Develop a hunger for God that drives your focus and actions. The more you focus in one direction, the more that focus will dictate your needs and wants. Determine to make God your focus and drive.

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The Word starts my day. It’s been that way for several years. I started out reading a Proverb a day (corresponding with the day of the month). I added the Psalms (broken into five to six readings a month).

Two years ago, I challenged myself to tithe my time. For those of you doing the math, that’s 2 hours and 24 minutes each day. And yes, that’s a lot.

The purpose, for me, was to make God my default focus. I knew if I committed to him for 10% of my time each day, for a year, then I would develop a habit of God first. I made it through April and then shifted to reading through the Bible in three months – thus, the 90 Days through the Bible study workbook was born.

What was also born was a hunger for the Word. I feed on it before I feed on something to fuel my body. The Word fuels my spirit and makes my day brighter.

develop a hunger for hope

In April of this year, I was starting my second read through the Bible. The tornado definitely disrupted my focus. I had the presence of mind to put the laptops, Bibles, and study notebooks in the dryer before we fled the damaged house (not to dry them, but to keep them from getting any damage should another storm come through).

Once we settled into the hotel, I retrieved my study notebook and Bible and jumped back into my reading. I needed to have the Word start my day. I hungered for the comfort and guidance that came through the Words.

It’s not always easy to stay invested in the Word. When you choose to make the Scripture a consistent part of your day, the habit of it becomes a hunger and need necessary to keep your day right.

Develop a Hunger and Need for the Word

  • Read it daily. Consistency creates hunger. If you eat every morning at 7 am, then your body will be hungry when you get up at 7 am. The same goes for feeding your spirit. Feed your spirit the Word every day, and it develops a hunger for the Word.
  • Read it completely. The Word comes to us in story form. Sometimes I think it’s because we are story people. A commercial with a built-in story catches our attention (and our hearts) faster than one with a message alone. When it comes to embracing the Bible, make a point to read the whole Bible (even the begats and numberings). There is something to gain from every word in the Word.
  • Read it with others. Share the journey with others. It keeps you accountable for your reading, and it gives you someone to talk with about what you learn. Besides, a journey with others will always be more interesting.
  • Share what you read. Write in a journal about your experiences with God through your readings. Tell others about how it’s going. The more we mull over the Word, the more it becomes a part of who we are and where we are going.
develop a hunger

You won’t know what you need until you invest in it with consistent focus.

Hope comes from God and hope grows up when your hunger for God becomes a driving force in your day.

What are your tips to help develop a hunger for God and a need for His Word?

Quote of the Day

“Encouragement molds and shapes the lives that it encounters. It is the gentle, guiding hand of the potter. A forceful hand would crush the tender clay.” – Kathryn Lang

gentle hand of encouragement

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