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Investing in the Positive to Combat the Negative

It was a video of a flash mob. It was something simple and not even “expertly” executed. By the end of the song, I was crying.

(Update: rediscovered this post looking for something to relate to having a positive focus and it made me cry again. Something about seeing utter joy and celebration released that warms my heart. And it doesn’t hurt that they chose that particular song. Find ways for investing in the positive for your day)

I read the comments posted below and I wasn’t the only one to try.

Words of Positive to Combat Negative

This left me to ponder the tears – not only mine but those that others shed for something like this flash mob.

Investing the Positive Brings Happy Tears

It dawned on me that the tears were warm and full of joy. They were not tears of sadness or pain. And that’s when I realized that the fun and encouragement of this group coming together – for their own enjoyment, for the enjoyment of each other, and for the enjoyment of those that would encounter the experience – that was what had brought the tears.

We live in a world of negative. The noise demands we feel bad or we talk bad about others. The chaos keeps us from finding our calm in the storm (or when we do someone comes along and flips the boat).

“We are naturally inclined to the negative.” When I checked into my feed and when I flipped on my newsfeed, I understood why people might think we are naturally inclined to negative – because what we hear all the time is negative. The positive and the hopeful falls into the unusual.

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Change your thoughts to change the world

It shouldn’t. There is so much positive in the world. There are even more positive than there are negative things. A little positive, a little smile, goes a long way. It can change a heart. A little positive can change a mind. A little positive will begin to change your world.

Here’s my little positive for the day.

Be blessed,

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The Bold North Flash Mob HD 2-3-2018 from Bill Hermann on Vimeo.

What brings you a smile? Please share and let’s make the positive the normal again.

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