Excuses NEVER Make a Way for Possibilities

I had a reason. It was a really good reason – to boot! Over the years, I’ve had many good reasons.

Settling into the excuses (A.K.A. reasons) may have been more comfortable than pushing through. Even when I haven’t been comfortable where I was, sometimes the known discomfort was more comfortable than the unknown beyond that discomfort. Besides, if I’m honest, the place of the excuses is definitely easier – which is why I choose them.

Taking the action, making the move, or going beyond the excuses . . . that is work! Often it’s very HARD WORK! It requires I face the negatives others have used to block me. It drives me to take on the limits or the limitations others have set. Or (and sometimes this is scariest of options) it forces me to look in the mirror and confront the only one that can truly stand in my way.


You over come excuses when you stop!

I have to make the choice to pursue change instead of choosing to rest in the excuses. It is a choice, and the choice is mine alone.

My friend, Shannon Hernandez, reminded me of this in a recent Facebook post he shared some thoughts on change and excuses. He wrote, “Change is the result of whether you MADE THE CHOICE to make a difference through action.”

Tips to Overcome Excuses

  1. Be honest – take time to examine where you are and also where you want to go. The more honest you can be the harder it will be to settle into the excuses.
  2. Block out the noise – take time to sit alone away from the opinions or suggestions of others (even if they are “well-meaning). Let your heart speak to you and get to a place where you can hear your heart.
  3. Meditate on the change – take time to “live with the idea” before acting on it. Marinating the ideas helps to avoid jumping in through sheer emotion instead of purposeful focus.
  4. Make a move – now’s the time. The only way to overcome the excuses is to choose action instead.

My morning started tough. I wanted to crawl back under the covers and sleep until the NEXT day. I could have. I had a backup plan ready to go to take care of those things that had to be taken care of.

Take action for change

I made a choice – a purposeful choice that would me closer to where I wanted to be. I made a choice to go beyond the excuses. I continue to push forward in THIS DAY (because this is the day I have) and in this moment (because the moment is now) one (sometimes small) choice at a time.

Be blessed,
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Share your own stories or ideas about how to overcome the excuses. Use the comment section below and feel free to link to your own posts about change and making change a reality for your journey.


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