Excerpt from Journey Through Reflections 2011

Introduction to Change

So many desires sail through my heart. Dreams dance around in my mind. I know it is all possible, if I take the steps to reach these hopes that grow from my desires and dreams.

But I have to step.

When I step, things change – whether it is a step from one room to the next or one path to the next. I change. The scenery changes. Things change.

Change happens and I can embrace it or bury my head and pretend it is not happening.

“I become who I want to be when I am willing to sacrifice the person I am at this moment in order to get there.”

A Will for the Way

Dear God,

This is not what I wanted. The economy has tanked and the job that I dreamed about has not come to be a reality. My family is struggling and those struggles are causing friction all around the home. I have pushed and pleaded and begged to get what I need, but the hole just keeps getting bigger.

The more I do manage to do then the more bad things I find around me. Even the people that are my closest friends have turned their back. I am alone. I am ignored. I am hurting.

I recently came across a plea that was very similar to the one above. It was a plea to God to make things better. The words screamed out how the writer had done all he could do but it just did not seem to be enough. He ended the impassioned plea with a simple declaration. “Not my will, but yours.”

It may be easy to throw aside the declaration. After all, the person making it was the Son of God. But he left each one of us with an example. Even the most difficult decisions are made a little easier when we take the I out of it.

Making the Most of Even the Worst

    • Start the day with five statements of praise. I am thankful for waking up today. I am thankful for the roof over my head. I am thankful for . . . fill in the blanks with words that are focused on the blessings and it will be harder for the troubles to take control.

    • Focus on others. The more that we are doing for the people around us the harder it can be to whine about our own lives. It is not just that there is always someone who has it worse. Focusing on others helps provide a season of encouragement and support for our own hearts and minds.

    • Talk to God. No matter how bad it is in your life, He understands. Pouring out your pain into His open hands will give you some relief. Talking through the issues with Him can build up the boldness you need to push ahead.

    • Quit dwelling on the past. It is important that we learn from past mistakes. The problem arises when the mistakes get all the focus instead of the corrections. Digging up the hurts and stumbles of yesterday only open wounds that should be allowed to heal.

Today may be a struggle, but tomorrow is full of all the potential that you want to plant in it. Change your focus. Look up and not back. Find the strength to praise a little. A new attitude will turn things around even if the only thing that has moved is your heart.

# # #

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