Target Practice – Mapping out my Writing Success

I have to intentionally map out my writing journey if I’m going to get to my success.

The end of the year is closing in fast. There is only two full months left in the year and those will fly by (they always do in our house). If I want to be prepared for the New Year then I need to start getting ready today. By starting early I can also focus on that final push to finish my goals for this year.


What did I do this past year? I’ve tackled most of my previous goals – get published, write full time, write for the church, but I did not reach them all. The thing that I need to determine is WHY I didn’t reach those goals

  • I did not send out the first query for my novel – you can’t get published is no one sees your work.
  • I pushed my creative writing aside for my online work writing. If I don’t take the time to write then I won’t get any writing done.
  • I procrastinated professionally. If I had a dollar for every time I thought “I’ll do that later” then I would be independently wealthy.

Reading the map for life purpose


What did I do right this year? I need to focus on the positive aspects of my accomplishments so that I can continue to play off those.

  • I worked out a schedule system that actually helps me to stay on top of my work and allows me time to do my creative writing.
  • I turned off the television and spent more time writing, reading or hunting down new and interesting blogs.
  • I raised my prices. If I can do half the work for the same amount of money (or for more money) then I will have time to do more of the things where my passion lies.
  • I stepped out in new directions with more queries and requests. It’s amazing how much more work you can get if you ask for it!


What are the goals and objectives that I did not accomplish yet? This is where a Business plan comes in handy. You can easily review your mission and vision and plans and determine your next action steps.

  • I need to reach out to teaching possibilities. I have already made a contact in this industry and he said that if I would put together a program then he could put me to work. I need to put together several different speaking programs.
  • I have an interest in doing more creative writing, but I have to do more creative writing. This means setting aside time to do that. It might help me to join a writing group (or start one since there isn’t one around my home). I might even take a class on creative writing.
  • I want to monetize my blogs. I’m still mostly clueless about how to do this successfully, but I’m continuing to expand my understanding and improve my blogs.

Over the next several weeks I will be looking at the how, the what and the why of where I am in my life right now. With the help of my business plan I will begin to formulate a path for next year that will drive me towards the success that I desire.

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