Study the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Five

Start today by reading Chapter Five in Proverbs. Make notes about any ideas that stand out to you. Also write out any questions or concerns so that you can research them in more detail in the future.

Death Comes from Ignoring Wisdom

Wisdom is the principle thing, but the world will try to deceive you into believing something other than Wisdom. The things that the world will offer will look good. It might even look better than Wisdom on its surface. Look past the perception and learn to see the reality.

The deceptions of this world will lead to death. You have to learn to recognize them for what they are and choose a different direction. Choosing the world gives your blessings to others, leaves you consumed by the world, and releases your honor and years to that very deception.

Keep your focus locked on Wisdom.

See the blessings that God has provided and rejoice in those blessings every day. Refuse to let the world seduce you into believing that it has anything to offer.

Get Wisdom. Hold tight to Wisdom. Let that Wisdom be the guidance you have for every step of your life. The world will continue to call to you, but holding tight to the Wisdom that you know to be the Truth will keep you from going astray to those calls.

Where is your focus today, and what can you do to hold tight to Wisdom in your life?

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