13 Weeks to Grow a Writer

13 weeks to grow a writer

Growing into a successful writer takes work and determination. The more people that wade into the pond, the more challenging the journey. Learning the ABC’s of writing can give you the edge to reach that success.

For the next 13 weeks, Successful Freelance Writer will be focusing on providing the tools to grow the successful writer. Follow along and take time to do the challenges and assignments that will help you get to where you want to be.

Get the ABC’s of Writing

    Act – do something. Nothing happens until something happens. Your dreams about writing will only become a reality when you begin taking the steps to get there.

    Believe – settle the dream into your heart. Henry Ford once said that if you think you can or if you think you cannot you are right either way. Let the dream settle so strong in your heart that it can anchor you through any situation.

    Challenge – go beyond your comfort zone. Do more than you think you can do and you will discover that you are capable of more than you ever imagined.

    Dream – capture the imagination of the child within by letting go of the restrictions and rules of the world. See things for how they could be and not how they are at this moment in time.

    Expand – add to your knowledge and skills. Grow your ability to write and create by looking for new opportunities around every corner.

    Foster – care for relationships. Pay attention to the existing relationships you have – without expectation of return – and continue to develop new relationships in your industry and in your life.

    Give – offer something to someone every day. Make it a point to offer something you have to someone else that is not in a position to return the favor – a free copy of a book or whatever you feel led to pass on. Create a habit of sharing.

    Help – reach out to others. Compound the habit of sharing with a habit of doing for others as well. Provide valuable information, Promote the products of others that you support. Do something for someone else.

    Invest – Make more of what you have. Put in extra time, extra study or extra whatever you need to get where you want to be with your writing and your purpose.

    Jolt – give it a little more. Find ways to ignite your writing by giving a little juice to your efforts through a challenge or another type of accountability.

    Know – have a plan. Set up steps you will take to get you to where you want to be with your writing.

    Learn – develop a hunger for knowledge. Take classes, attend conferences and read all that you can about writing or any niche related to the industry. The more you are willing to develop your knowledge the more opportunities you will discover spring from that knowledge.

    Motivate – encourage others. The support you give to the people around you will make its way back to you in unsuspecting ways and always at just the right time.

    Nurture – provide the tools for continuing. Feed the muse. Stimulate the mind. Rest the body. Keep things healthy and in good condition so that you will have the endurance to pursue your passion of writing with boldness.

    Organize – get it together. Create a schedule and file things so that they are easy to find. Have a place for everything and put everything in its place.

    Press On – persistence will win the day. Nothing in the world will take the place of a persistent mind determined to reach a dream.

    Question – thing about the reason for doing something. Not all steps will lead you closer to your determined location. Consider the reasons behind the why’s so you can take the steps that will lead you closer.

    Re-evaluate – review your plan. Think about where you are now, look at where you have been and determine if you are still moving in the direction you want to go.

    Study – research and search the internet. Keep up with the trends. Discover your competition and your potential allies. Expand your knowledge so that you can expand your platform.

    Trust – build a bond. Develop a relationship with your readers that they can trust and also learn to stand firm in your own abilities. They will believe if you are willing to believe that you have the wisdom, knowledge and abilities.

    Utilize – take advantage of every tool. Make the most of what you have available and allow what you have to expand into even more that can help you grow your life as a successful writer.

    Value – create words that others see as worth the effort. Give your readers something that makes their time and effort worthwhile.

    Write – put words down every day. The ONLY way to ever build a successful writing career is to make writing a priority for every day.

    Xanadu – find your happy place. Learn how to go to that place where you can write with abandon even when you are stuck at home.

    Yield – produce fruit. Create words that encourage, lift up or build up your readers and they will share those words which will grow your own platform.

    Zip – put it all together in a package. Bundle your words and your brand so that you can market your products with success.

Twenty-six lessons to drive you closer to the place you want to be with your writing. Each word will expand to practical tips for developing an action for purpose. Are you ready and willing to take the challenge and begin pursuing that purpose with boldness?

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