Top 5 Steps for Change

A sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different. Every person that is alive today tends to be insane in some area of life. Work is the same, speck is the same, attitude is the same, eating is the same and yet there is an expectation of change.

I was there. I wanted change and even knew how to get change, but I was willing to change my way of doing things to get there. After all, did it REALLY matter all that much? If you truly want change in your life – from what ever or to where ever – there are some things that you must do.

1. If you want change in your life then you have to choose to change. It may be something small (like keeping negative words out of your mouth) or something big (like trading sodas for water) or something unexpected (like getting up at 4 am every morning). There is something that you know you need to be doing (or not doing) and you just haven’t been willing to go there. If you truly desire change then you MUST go there.

2. Breaking a bad habit means replacing it with a good one. I had the habit of eating in front of the television (especially when the kids would eat at Grandpa’s). By fixing meals and planning for the family (whether they show up or not) I am more consistent about eating at the table. It also helps if I turn OFF the television!

3. Change comes when you decide change will come. Think positively about your situation. If you have lost your job (or left unexpectedly) use the time to create the working environment that you have always desired. Thinking positively only requires that you find one good thing from the situation you are in at present.

4. Be excited. I worked for a man who made up repeat – with enthusiasm – “I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific” over and over again every day before we started work. If you fake the enthusiasm, you are likely to find that you stumble into the enthusiasm rather quickly. Do what you need to do with joy and excitement.

5. Make a plan, but follow through. You can lay out all the perfect schemes or ideas, but if you don’t take the first step then change will never find its way to your door step.

Change may not seem easy, but it sure is simple. You simply have to want to change, be willing to choose to change, and then step out towards change in order to make a difference in your life.

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