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Healthy Habits for Life are Formed One Choice at a Time

A to Z Challenge – Day Eight

H = Healthy

It only takes one choice at a time to build a foundation for healthy habits. One choice leads to the next choice and before you know it you have a new habit leading you down the better path to purpose.

3 Tips for Healthy Habits

I looked around and realized I was lost. One step at a time I had managed to get off the right path and had even led my family into someplace unfamiliar.

Over the years, I had literally taken the walk hundreds of times . . . well, maybe not hundreds, but enough times that I should not have gotten lost. The trail I had been walking had tapered off into a game trail, so I knew that despite what should have been I stood in the middle of the woods . . . LOST!

I found out later that the trail I had chosen turned out to be the “road less traveled” because someone had decided to create a shortcut. Although I eventually got my family where I wanted to go, we went the long and winding road to get there.

Habits are a lot like that trail. You don’t end up lost with one step. You end up lost one step added to one step added to one step.

And (good news) you get back to the better place taking one step at a time as well.

If you want to live a better, a bolder, or a more purposeful life then you will have to make one choice at a time to get there.

Experts Say

According to many researchers, it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit in your life. THEY also say it takes 42 days for that habit to become a lifestyle.

I have discovered it takes about two days to break the good habits and about the same number of days to make the bad habits the lifestyle.

In other words, the bad wants to be the normal.

Better choices require a little more investment (and often times some accountability).

Taking Steps to Healthy Habits

Make Better Choices

  • Find a way that works for you. The path that others took before you (and yes, those others can include self) may not work for you this time. Before you jump, look around, measure the distance, and determine what will work for you.
    *Remember* If it doesn’t work for you then you won’t work it and it will just be more wheel spinning waste.
  • Recognize it will take more than one step to get there. It took more than one step to get where you are right now. It’s not about the number of steps but more about the determination to keep stepping no matter what. *Remember* Sometimes you will have to take the steps back to where you started before you can begin the steps to where you want to do.
  • Be understanding with self (and with others). The first step won’t get you there and it is possible the first attempt won’t get you there either. It is okay to have started and to still start again. It’s okay to stumble and start again. Be understanding with yourself and be understanding with others that are starting again. *Remember* It is not how many times you stumble that counts but how many times you get up and start again!

Where you are right now does not have to be where you say. Truth be told, it is impossible to stay right where you are because things around you are changing even if you refuse to acknowledge the changes (or change as well).

Create a better life by choosing better. One choice at a time leads to one step at a time which takes you down the path to healthy habits for life.

Be blessed,

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Healthy Habits One Step at a Time

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