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How to Turn Your BIG DREAM Goals into Purposeful Living

Your BIG DREAM goals are only an action away. No matter what you are dreaming, you can have your dream. It is up to you. Make the move, take the action, and dare to step.

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Coincidences happen when you are prepared and planning and open to opportunities. Your actions and your circumstances align. The coincidence is really plans playing out in ways we may not have expected.

This week, I had time alone. We have three boys who have all been homeschooled. I helped take care of my father-in-law (he passed away in November). I am invested in helping out my dad. There have been few moments in the last two decades when I have been alone and without responsibilities for more than a few hours.

This week, I had time alone – free and clear. I didn’t have to feed anyone. I didn’t have to break up any fights. I didn’t have to wake anyone up. I didn’t have to grade a single paper.

I invested this week into building up my business – or it would be better to say I invested this week into solidifying the foundation that would allow me to grow up my possibilities. I like that much better.

I had a shift in focus. I had the time to think. I invested in learning and evaluation. Coincidentally, I encountered words and ideas that resounded with my heart and clarified my focus.

I revamped my WhiteBoard of World Domination (#WBWD) to accommodate what I had learned. Coincidentally, the first day of the next half of the year begins tomorrow.

I’m ready.

What will you do to finish out this year with bold and purposeful actions?

Create Your WhiteBoard of World Domination

  • Define your anchor. It’s not too late to have a theme for the year or a focus for the next few months. What one word describes your drive?
  • Create a vision. What phrase or idea drives you forward?
  • Set your BIG DREAM goals. Make your goals tangible and specific. “I want to lose weight” is an idea. “I want to fit into my old dress” is a BIG DREAM goal. What specific goals do you want to reach?
  • Define your strategy. “Lose 20 inches” allows you to meet your goal of fitting into that dress. What specific elements will make the BIG DREAM goals possible?
  • Make it bite-sized. You only get there one bite at a time. What steps will you take each month, each week, and each day to reach your goals?

  • Create a schedule. There will be days when you can’t get it all done or when life steps in the way. Instead of rolling over your to-do list to the next day, have fixed days when you tackle specific tasks. If you miss that day, you will be back to it in a week. What will be your day to day schedule?

I have been using a similar system for reading my Bible. It started with Proverbs and expanded to the entire bible. I read certain chapters on certain days. I don’t try to make up what I’ve missed. I know that it will come back around in a month or two (depending on the schedule I’m following at the time).

It is a simple approach to getting it all done and it will make a way for me to live out my BIG DREAM goals in bold purpose.

How will you live out your BIG DREAM goals?

Be blessed,

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Want More Help?

We all need that extra boost of encouragement now and then. If you need more help defining your WhiteBoard of World Domination or wrangling your time for more purposeful investment, I can help.

I can coach you through the process of finding your focus on a personal basis.


You can sign up for the WhiteBoard of World Domination or learn more.

Let’s get you started down the road to your own world domination today!

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