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4 Simple Tips Tested for Time Taming Control of Life

I need more time.

I have heard it and I have said it. We all want more time to get things done.

“Time is a stampeding beast that can’t be roped or tamed. It must be ridden atop without stirrups or reins.” Natalie Cone

I have ridden bareback many times, so the stirrup thing doesn’t bother me all that much. I know that if I grip tight enough with my knees then I can hold on. But I have also been on the back of a horse without any reins. That’s scary stuff. Even if someone else has a lead rope, you have no control. You are completely at the whim of the massive animal. That does scare me – a LOT.

Time should not scare me. I have just as much time as you have. I have just as much time as Einstein. I have just as much time as Martha Stewart. In other words, I have enough time to get done what I need to get done. We all do.

The question then becomes, am I being stampeded by time or am I jumping on the back and riding it out?
Tips for Taming Time

Tips to Ride Out the Bucking Beast of Time

  1. Have a plan. The moment I started having kids, I understood the value of a schedule. When I through in writing full-time, it became more than a value. A schedule was a necessity. The older the kids got (and especially when they started driving), I needed to know who had to be where and when so I could plan in and around it all. My plan includes a yearly focus – my White Board of World Domination; a digital calendar – where everyone can add their events and activities; a weekly “let’s get this done” list; and a daily reminder of all that needs/has to be done.
  2. Be flexible. If you have ever been on a roller coaster or an out of control steed, you know all you can really do is go with the flow . . . literally. Riding time means I have to relax into the movements – the twists and turns and trip-ups – because life is going to come at us unannounced, undeclared, and unwanted. It requires a little give if you want to take back your time.
  3. See the BIG picture. It rarely goes exactly the way you expected it to go. It’s hard enough to have a day like that when you are on the journey alone. The more people mixed into the situation, the worse the odds get that you will get what you expect. I can’t be the only one that has gotten up early to kick off a great day, only to have my husband or son announce when he gets up that he has to be at an event or activity that is NOT on the calendar. The big picture reminds us to see beyond the bumps.
  4. Keep a record. Take pictures. Make notes. Find a way that works for you so that you can see where you were and the progress made (no matter how small). When times get tough . . . and we already know that times WILL get tough . . . then the record helps you remember you can do it because you HAVE done it!

Taming Time or Time Trapped
It may not be easy. Too many times I have found myself so busy spinning around that I wasn’t sure if I lost my horse or found a rope.

It may not be comfortable. Too often I want to use the excuse that there isn’t enough time so that I am not responsible for where I am in the moment.

It may not be fun. Too often I don’t do what I know to do because I have built up the dread to the point of being painful.

It is simple. We have enough time. If will make the most of the time we are given then we will discover there is more time than we could have imagined.

Be blessed,

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Your Turn

What are your top simple tips for riding out the bucking beast of time? Share your ideas in the comments below and be sure to include links to your posts about taming time.

Trouble Taming Time

You can have the time you need when you discover your keys to taming the time beast. I will work with you to find your way and take control of the rampaging beast.


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Taming Time or Time Trapped

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  • These are great tips. Love that you make note that we have to be flexible. I feel like too many of us are trying to make our lives fit our schedules instead of making our schedules fit our lives. Thanks for the tips!