Building Consistency in All Areas of Life

The key to getting to where I want to be is to keep going – and to keep going requires building a natural habit of consistency. Being consistent is more than just doing the same thing over and over. It is the ability to get up and going again when a stumble happens.

You can build a habit of consistency in anything that you may be facing. The little steps that you take in the right direction will begin to add up to big differences. By focusing on just four aspects of the situation, consistency can become your natural companion.

Four Focuses for Building Consistency

The Talk – speak the thing that you want to find as consistent in your life. Start with the daily prayers that you offer. Say a word of thanksgiving for the focus and the strength to continue in the consistent path. The more you say something, out loud, the more you will begin to believe what you say.

The Word
– understand the truth of your circumstances. The world will have a lot to say about it, but it is more important to know what the Word has to say. Do a word study in Scripture for what it is your are facing. Write out the Scriptures that speak strongest to your heart. Begin letting the Word direct the choices you make and the steps you take and you will begin to see that in the Word consistency is a much more reliable place.

The Temple – you have to care for the Temple of God, which means the physical body must be considered. This will mean different things for different people – because we are all unique in design and purpose. Caring for the temple will mean taking in the right fuel, providing the right amount of rest, and even getting the right nutrients for the temple. Listen to your body to begin finding your consistency in temple care.

The People – because we are all designed for relationships. We are designed to be in a relationship with God first and then through that love relationship to develop and grow relationships with others (for our own edification and for theirs as well). Building consistency in my life becomes easier when I have the surrounding relationships to help me stay on track.

The path to a consistent life begins with the heart. Get the heart right and then the choices and steps that follow will help guide you down YOUR consistent path. No matter what you are facing, focusing on these four elements will give you the tools for finding your heart Light.

Be blessed,


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