Becoming the Richest Man in Town

My father stopped by to bring me a book he received as a gift for Christmas. He asked me to read it and let him know what I think about it. There are two other books in a pile in my room waiting for a review, but my father asked and so I read.

“The Richest Man in Town” by V.J. Smith changed my day. It probably changed my whole holiday season. The hope that I found in those 90 pages will be enough to keep me going for a long while. My prayer is that everyone can experience what I experienced (because I am going to make it part of my children’s readings).

10 Lessons from The Richest Man in Town

    1. It is not all about me. To make a real difference in my life and in the lives that I encounter each day, I must be focused on the needs, wants, desires, hopes and concerns of others.

    2. Listening is an active sport. There are people can go about the motion of listening and never hear a word spoken. Moms (at least this one) can be especially adept at listening without hearing. True listening is an activity that focuses in on the one speaking so that no only are the words heard but the meaning is understood.

    3. It is all a matter of attitude. I live in the greatest place in the world, if I think I live in the greatest place in the world. My life is blessed if I believe my life is blessed. Opportunity is around if I am actively looking and seeking opportunity. The things that I want from life all begin with the way I perceive the life that I am living.

    4. Genuine smiles are catching. Smiles are a lot like yawns. Once the first person does it, then the next will follow suit. Sometimes people will be aware of the smile, but it often creeps up on them without realization. I genuine smile is the ultimate “pass it on.”

    5. Connection is an active word. I must be willing to reach out to others if I want to establish relationships in my life. Having friends and other relationships means being a good friend without expectation of those relationships.

    6. A simple gesture can change the world. Reaching out to shake hands with all of your customers, writing a letter of appreciation for a job well done, or spreading the word of a positive experience can snowball into something that is life changing for all those that experience it.

    7. Focus on the good, the positive and the uplifting. Every life has troubles, but the life of peace focuses on the good instead of the bad. A life of joy finds the silver lining instead of spotting the clouds on the horizon. Thinking happy thoughts really will help you to fly.

    8. Look for the heart of the person. Every person ever met has unlimited potential. Looking at the cover limits the potential that you can experience. Learn to look at the heart to see the real person and not just the persona.

    9. Decide to be happy. Every situation comes with a choice. Choose to be happy or choose to be angry or miserable. It seems simple, but it is the reality of life. Choose this day!

    10. Treat others well. The way you treat the people that you encounter will reflect for a lifetime on the person that you are, you were and that you will be.

I have to thank my day for this blessing. Reading “The Richest Man in Town” did not take a lot of time out of my life, but it did add a lot of life to my time.

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