Simple and Easy Will Make Change Easier

I want change – but I also want what I want. My want this week happened to include the fresh made donuts the bakery at the grocery store started making. I needed to test the new offerings to see if they would make a substitution for the other donut shop in town.

I needed it.

Wants are tricky little boogers – the first want was shoved aside by the second want. The second want crushed the rest of it under the powdery goodness of that fresh pastry – almost. A little bit may add up when I continue to apply a little bit, but if I limit the little bits then they become treats instead of trouble.

Top Tips for Dealing with the Wants

snacks-easy-choices small

    1. Give in – just a little bit. Allow yourself a treat. I am eating something fresh at every meal – green smoothies, fresh vegetables, mixed green salad, fresh fruit – and one donut will not break that consistent choice (especially if that fresh choice is made first and the donut is left as a dessert after). NOT giving in will leave me deprived and wanting even more.

    2. Face it down. I have tried hiding the treats and treasures before, or to just keep them out of the house all together. I ended up eating the chips (we use them for Sundae pancakes on birthday mornings) that are stored in the pantry. Not having something available often leaves me thinking about that something until the focus becomes almost controlling. It is not the treats that will make me give in – it is my focus and ultimately my choice.

    3. Make better easier. My boys need snack time – they are growing boys that are like an endless pit of hungry. If I have easy fruits or healthy snacks sitting around, they will choose those most of the time. If the sweets or the junk are the easier choices, that will be their default (and mine). Having simple snacks set up ahead of time, or at least planned, will help make choosing better the easier choice.

It is not complicated. Getting to where I need – where I WANT – starts with the choices I make. These three tips are one of the tools I am utilizing to make my 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge a success. What do you do to help you get your wants to connect with your actions?

I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts.

Be blessed,


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