Becoming a Lightning Rod

“Despite what you think, you don’t know everything!”

The truth is that I do know everything – or at least enough of everything to get me by. As a mom I have to know it all (where the socks are located, where they left their shoes when they took them off and how to fix most every material known to man). But this was not the time to go into that. I was sitting next to my husband’s dying aunt and his other aunt was the one attacking me.

She wasn’t mad at me. She was mad at the situation. I just made a good target. It seems that happens a great deal in my life. People attack me, yell at me, or just focus on me when something else really should be the center of attention. As I have grown spiritually the attacks seem to be more frequent. But as I think back on my life those same attacks have always been around I’m just learning to deal with them in a better manner.

There was a time when I thought that I went looking for the attacks. Growing up I tried my best to take up for those who were unable to defend themselves. I was all about fighting for the underdog. But even when I wasn’t taking a stand I still managed to draw the fire.

The attacks by my husband’s family were even more than normal because I had never met these particular family members. We were just becoming acquainted and already they were yelling and berating me. It would have been easy to get offended or even defensive, but I managed to stay calm. After a few hours I was even able to understand where the attacks were coming from. It didn’t make the situation any easier at the time, but it did make it understandable in the long run.

This morning I was thinking about my gifts (my husband and I are working through “The Purpose Driven Life” together) and I began to wonder if this ability to draw the negative forces away from others is actually a gift. Maybe I’m God’s little “strife” rod (that acts similar to a lightning rod) here on earth. It would explain why I get attacked when I’m just minding my own business or doing my own job or just standing in line at the grocery store.

It would also explain the extra portion of peace and patience that I normally carry around with me each day. Taking on the negatives for everyone around you can be a trying position. Without extra support and help it could never occur.

The thought of being a lightning rod was not all that appealing at first. But I came to the conclusion that the lightning rod keeps the house from being destroyed. It might not be such a bad job after tall. Especially since I know that I’m getting into and I know that I’m not alone in the task.

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