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Joy Sharing – Three-Attitude

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Joy grows exponentially – so the more I share joy the more joy I have to share. My very attitude – the way that I show myself to the world – can be the perfect reflection of joy for the world and in the world.

Joy Sharing with Attitude

An attitude of joy is all about showing to others what I know in my heart.

    1. Smile. This is not only the easiest ways to share an attitude of joy but it is also one of the most contagious actions of joy that you can take.

    2. An attitude of joy is represented in the idea of “you first.” Putting others before self.

    3. “I’ll get that” is not only an act of service to others but also shares an attitude of joy that can pour out onto other.

    4. Sharing an attitude of joy means having the willingness and the ability to reach out and say “how can I help.”

    5. The heart and mind that say “thank you” will be reflected in an attitude of joy that shows “thank you.”

I need to have an attitude of joy and hope if I am going to show hope and share joy with others. My attitude reveals my heart and it shows to the world what I truly believe. An attitude of joy shows that I believe in the joy and that joy gives me strength.

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