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Motivation for Success – Best Empowerment Unique for You

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Growing HOPE with Kathryn Lang

MAP IT OUT – Week One – Motivation

Are you ready to reach your success? Are you determined to break through to your BIG DREAM goals? Are you ready to launch your White Board of World Domination to the moon (or the stars)?

You can – if you will!

Today on the #GrowingHOPE podcast we begin the eight-week journey to MAP IT OUT. Each week we will be talking about a single point in the process that can be vital to having that extra boost to take the next step.

This week is “M” for Motivation.

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Getting (and Keeping) Motivation

  1. Self-motivation – the ability to fire up my own success engine.
  2. Group motivation – finding the right people to encourage me.
  3. Word motivation – words from others that can get me going.
  4. Event motivation – blogs and events that can encourage the journey.
  5. Dark motivation – finding the light of motivation even when the dark closes in.

Map It Out - M for Motivation
It takes motivation to keep going and I have to keep going if I want to reach my BIG DREAM goals if I want to break out into my extraordinary, if I want to be and do all that is uniquely designed and set aside for me.

The more we dare to dream the bolder we become in pursuing those dreams.

Be the First

MAP IT OUT will be released just in time for the holidays. Reserve your print copy today and it will be mailed out to you after Thanksgiving 2017.
Map It Out - 8 Tips to Design your Success

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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