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How a Little Shift Makes a Big Difference

A little shift can change everything. A little shift can move you from the cold to the warmth of the sun. A little shift can make room for another little shift which makes the way for your change. Begin to make the little shifts so you can make the big differences for your life.

Making a little shift

I tend to wait patiently. I can sit and wait for an appointment, for a meeting, or for the end of class. I can work on the go, so I make use of the wait time instead of wasting it driving back and forth. I just stay.

This choice has left me in interesting situations but has also inspired new opportunities.

The other day, I braved the freezing temperatures to take the car to the mechanics. I prepared for a long stay because I had been warned it would take several hours. I decided to utilize my car office so I could get things done.

It’s peaceful and easy to work in my office, most days. On this day though, the freezing temperatures outside slowly worked their way inside and made it not so easy to work.

The offer had been made for me to work in the office of our mechanic. They had a space heater that would help keep me warm. The office also had people, and if people are around I feel obligated to talk.

It’s the gift and curse of the extrovert.

I made the choice to stay in my car office. But, it got cold. Did I mention it was freezing outside? My toes were cold. My hands were cold. My ears were cold. Despite my gift for waiting patiently, I was close to giving in and giving up.

The mechanic took that moment to move my car so he could start working on it. He pulled it up, just a little, and popped the hood.

The morning sun now poured through the window, warming everything it touched. Suddenly, with just a little shift, the day wasn’t so cold. It even became a bit pleasant. I stretched out into the warmth and settled comfortably into my patient waiting.

If things aren’t the way you want them to be or if you aren’t where you intended, you may just need a little shift to let the warmth pour in.

Making Your Little Shift

    make a little shift
    Turn to the Son. The right focus will make the difference you need. Instead of looking at the storm or the waves, keep your eyes firmly locked on the One that calms the storm and waves.

    Keep it little. You can always shift more or stretch out into the sun, but if you try to shift too big, too fast, you can end up causing more issues than you fix. A little here and a little there will add up to the right amount.

    Wait patiently. You don’t have to be happy about your current place, but if you will be content with where you are then you will be able to find the moments of little shifts that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

It doesn’t have to be a big change to make a big difference. Sometimes, it is the little shift that makes the big difference.

Be blessed,
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