Simple Tips for Living the Proverbs 31 Life

Building the house of a Proverbs 31 life

Living the Proverbs 31 life does not have to be difficult. The Proverbs 31 woman (also known as the woman trying to walk each step of her day with the guidance and strength of God) faces the day with two choices. She can work through the day building up her house. Or she can invest her time and her energy into tearing down her house.

The choice seems obvious. What person (man or woman) in their right mind would want to tear down something that they are trying to make better and increase? Apparently, I am not always in my right mind, because on more days than I want to admit, I invest all that I have into tearing down all that I want.

Simple Steps for Tearing Down the House

    – Spend money. It does not even have to be a lot of money. Money spent without careful consideration may be money wasted (and even taken from a need that might arise down the road.

    – Think of self. I have things that I need and want to do during the day. Many of them are important and necessary. Most of them are more important and necessary than anything anyone else has to deal with – in my mind that is. I put me before others and I cause cracks and holes all around me.

    – Put off tasks. My relationship with procrastination goes way back, all though I prefer to think about that relationship tomorrow. The moment I choose to wait (a few minutes, a few hours or a few days) I give procrastination control AND I hinder the things that need to be done in those next few minutes, few hours or few days.

I signed up to be a mother and a wife, but I do not remember there being a clause stating that I have to carry the weight of the family on my shoulders. Reading through Proverbs 31 used to leave me with that notion – IT HAD TO BE ME. Several years ago, I started reading through all of Proverbs each month, and Proverbs 31 became more clear (and easier to bare).

Proverbs 31 sums up all that is in Proverbs. It reveals the life of the woman (or man) that chooses to put the directives of Proverbs to work in her (or his) life. That is all that there is to the Proverbs. Do what needs to be done (which makes it possible to avoid what does NOT need to be done) and you find that you are moving in step with the Father and residing in His blessings for your life.

Simple Steps for Building up the House

    – Make money. This is not about buying your own vineyard, sewing your own clothes or being specifically like the Proverbs 31 woman. It is about taking the talents that God planted in you when He wove you and allowing those talents to bless your house, your family and all those around you.

    – Stay organized. My natural tendencies do not come close to the definition of organized (just asked my VERY organized husband). Despite my delusion that chaos can be livable, I am learning that a God of order desires organization in my life. It makes it easier for me to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and to prepare for even the unexpected.

    – Keep a schedule. Think of time the way you think of money (with the exception being that you are never going to make more time). A wise budget starts with a plan, and a schedule is your time plan. Knowing what needs to be addressed at all times will help you avoid the potholes in your path.

    – Invest in family. The house stands only as strong as the family. Make them a priority. Walk away from the dishes to play with your children. Turn down the stove and talk with your spouse. Set down the book and go with your family on the walk. Make the family most important and you will strengthen the bonds that hold the house together.

Living the Proverbs 31 life can be as easy as one choice. Invest in building up your house instead making the choice to tear it down and you will discover that the path is not as complicated as we often make it appear.

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