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How to Reclaim the Power You Devoted to Excuses

Are you devoted to excuses? Has life been pushing you where you have been going instead of you choosing the path you want for your life? It happens even in the best of circumstances. If we want to live the life we are designed to live then we have to reclaim the power once devoted to excuses.

There will always be a reason to not do what you know to do – or even what you dream about doing or want to do.

You will always be able to find an excuse to stay where you are –even if where you are is not where you want to be.

Life will always provide twists and turns to keep you off balance our off target – even if you knew the road wasn’t going to be straight all along.

“Making excuses keeps us from completely pursing God.” – Kathryn Lang

devoted to excuses

Your actions will reflect what you have released in your life and for your life. When you are invested in phrases of deflection or words of excuses, then you limit your opportunities or stop your progress.

If you want to make a change in your journey then you have to reclaim the power you have been devoting to your limitations.

No More Excuses

  • Make the choice to do one thing. Creating a habit of doing more starts with doing something. One thing may not seem like much but it is one thing closer to where you want to go.

  • My example: After a holiday cooking frenzy that evolved into once a month cooking, there were lost of dishes that needed to get washed. Every time I went in the kitchen to do something, I made a point to washing one of those dishes. Before I knew it, the pile was gone.

  • Make the choice to start first thing. The more you wait the easier it will be for the excuses to sidle up to you and convince you to put it off. Jumping into the doing first thing gets items marked off your to-do list and provides motivation to do more.

  • My example: I tried getting in the habit of reading the bible every night, but sometimes woke up the next morning realizing I had forgotten to do the previous reading. Now I do my readings first thing in the morning. It gives fuel for my day and motivates me to do more.

  • Make the choice to do what you see (when you see it). If you walk on by then you can forget it needed doing or you can make an excuse that someone else will get to it. If you do it when you notice it then it is done.

  • My example: Our holiday decoration boxes are stacked in the corner of the living room. Apparently, during the night, someone walked past the pile and knocked over some of the boxes. When I walked through, I noticed them, but made the choice to walk around. My second time through the living room, I realized what I was doing. I stopped, restacked the boxes, and went on about my day. I could have spent emotional and mental energy thinking about how someone needed to pick up the boxes, but instead took a quick moment to put it right.

  • Make the choice to do one more thing. This creates the momentum at the end of the day that will motivate you at the beginning of the next day. Before you call it a night, pick up one more item. Before you shut down for the day, send one more correspondence. One more thing will make room for so much more moving forward.

  • My example: Closing down the computer at the end of the work day, I realized I had a project almost completed. I invested a few minutes to add the finishing touches even though the project wasn’t due for several days. It made me feel accomplished and also made room for more projects when I started back the next day.

Ask yourself: Am I devoted to excuses or determined to change? The choice is yours.

Which path will you take?

It takes energy to avoid doing what you want to do. It takes an investment to follow the excuses (or to make them). It takes resources to give in to the distractions.

Take back control. Regain the power. Choose to take actions, even if the actions are small ones, to move toward your desired destination. Your choices will get you there. Reclaim all of those resources once devoted to excuses.

You’ve got this!

Be blessed,

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