Relationship Priorities – Five – Let Go

Creating relationship priorities is not any more complicated than making the choice to invest in others. I made a choice to be relentlessly helpful without an expectation of return.

Relationship Priorities – LET GO

When I release the need to get back – when I find the place of not expecting a return – then I make room for relationships to grow into all that they are supposed to be.

    1. Let go of the need to get. It will be relatively easy the first time – to let go of that need to see a return. It might even be fairly simple the second time. It is developing a consistency in this mindset that can be the real challenge.

    2. What have I done for you lately – or even better . . . what have I done. I need to be aware of the investments I am king and stop relying on the past moments of helping.

    3. Ask to help – with clarity and with specific details. It is not just an offer to help – but to give a precise and intentional offer.

    4. Keep room for helping. This becomes a little easier when decluttering is part of the schedule. It is important that I find an excess of time and resources so I can focus on helping and engaging without expectation of return.

    5. Know the Real Source. The people that I engage with and that I build relationships with are not the source of my blessings, my opportunities, and definitely not my happiness. When I understand that Real Source then I free others to be focused on their own journey AND I free me up to let go of the need to have a return because my return comes from the Real Source.

We are taught that to expect something for our efforts – but we should make the efforts because we can and not because we want something back. That is the difference between doing a favor and building a relationship.

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