Relationship Priorities – Four – Investing 101

Relationships require investments, and knowing the basic investment tips can help me make the better choices for investing my limited resources.

Relationship Priorities Investing 101

If I truly want to discover the wealth and value in others then I have to follow some basic tips for investing.

    1. Be committed – make a plan for purposeful actions that engage others. Set the limits and then keep moving forward into those limits. Things will happen that make it easy to walk away but if I make that commitment first then I have a way to be intentional in investing for relationship priorities.

    2. Due diligence – take time to learn something about the people you are engaging. It is important to know where you are investing before you begin making the effort. You will not know all, but due diligence can help you make better choices.

    3. Avoid the allure of position – treat everyone is equally important from the janitor to the CEO to the cashier – because they are.

    4. Learn for yourself – word of mouth may be good for advertising but it is not the wisest path when it comes to investing in relationships.

    5. Don’t sweat the small stuff – because stuff will come up. We will not always agree. We will not even always get along. And that is OKAY!

Making relationships a priority in my life and for my life is determined by the investments that I make along the way. If I make the right investments then I may discover the vein of gold that leads to amazing wealth. If I walk away too early then I leave that blessing for another to find.

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