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“She gets up before the sun and starts getting ready for her day. She even prepares breakfast for the household to help get them started on the right foot.” – from Proverbs 31

The Proverbs Life is Organized

Being organized means different things to different people. Even when you break it down into the “acceptable” definition of organized, that definition will look different for different people.

My husband and I have different understandings of organizational requirements. We have different understandings about most things. We tell others it’s because we ‘complete each other.” It’s just as likely it’s proof that God has a sense of humor. “Here. You two people that are completely different. You shall marry. It will be entertaining. You will learn. I will laugh.”

Despite how it looks to my husband, I get things done (eventually). There have been days when I knocked out half my to-do list before most folks (my husband) roll out of bed.

Organization doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, but everyone needs organization. Organization fuels peace and calm and those are essential for living the Proverbs Life.

5 Steps to Having an Organized Life

    Create a daily plan – know what needs to be done, what has to be done, and the time available to get it done. Take a few minutes every night (or in the morning if you are a morning person) to map out your day.

    Develop long term goals. The daily steps you take need to be leading you to something more. If you haven’t determined where you are going, then you will never figure out how to get there.

    Set a chore chart. Breaking big tasks (like cleaning the house) into daily bite-sized chores will create a way to do the big things a little at a time. It’s the little bits that add up to the big differences.

    Manage a budget. Determine your resources and then create a way to monitor those resources, so you make the most of them.

    Expect the unexpected. Things will happen. Keep working out the idea of having focused flexibility – focused on the goal but flexible in the execution.

    An organized life doesn’t fit into a “one-size for everyone” box. It will be unique for each person. You need organization to live the Proverbs Life, but you have to find the organization that works for you.

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