How to Find Powerful Motivation through Events

How to Find Powerful Motivation through Events

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There are so many places people gather that can be fuel for my motivation. I simply have to take the time to look for them and then I have to be willing to invest in them so that I am positioned to grow up my motivation.

#GrowingHOPE Podcast - Motivation through Events

Grow Motivation through Events

    I attend webinars – online live events – to gain a little motivation. Sometimes they are specific to my step and sometimes they are general. Always they are feeding my motivation.

    I attend online gatherings – like Twitter chats, Zoom hangouts, and other activities. Although these offer informative opportunities or focuses, the gatherings are usually casual and provide amazing engagement (plus #bacon if you ever make one of the Thursday night #mediachat events on Twitter).

    I attend conferences – from social media, to podcasting, to writing, to blogging – just about any topic that seems remotely related to my focus can be fair game. Being an extrovert, conferences are a major draw for me when I am looking for ways to feed my motivation.

    I attend meetings – yes, meetings. I look for groups or organizations that are meeting up in my community so that I can volunteer or just engage with others.

    I attend networking events – the local chamber of commerce hosts monthly events in our community. A group began having a co-working gathering as well that starts with networking.

Motivation will not come to me on its own – and motivation will not hang around when I do get it. I have to be constantly invested in motivational opportunities if I am going to be continuously overflowing with the motivation I need.

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The only way I will have the motivation I need to do all I need to do and to reach my BIG DREAM goals is to invest in getting the motivation I need. I need self-motivation, I need group motivation, and I need word motivation – events are a great place to find them all.

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