Growing Momentum – Actions Produce Results

Momentum comes from me taking a step and doing something. It is true that if I am doing then something is being done – but it is also true that what I want to be done may not be the result of my doing. Actions will produce results and I have to be okay with the results that my actions produce.

Actions Will Always Produce Results

    First, actions cause movement. Anytime there is movement there is a shift. Try watching a show in a crowded family room and you will discover how true this is. One shifts and everyone has to shift because there was that first movement.

    Second, actions cause change. Things that move are not the same as they were before the move occurred. When I take an action then I change, my situation changes, or something else changes – but change happens.

    Third, action causes action. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If I pull my hand through the water then I send a whirlpool through the water. My action causes another action to occur.

    Fourth, action causes interaction. Stepping out from where I am to where I want to be brings me to places where I encounter others and that leads to relationships and relationships are the foundation of EVERYTHING.

    Fifth, actions cause adjustment. If I am taking an action in one place then I will have to adjust my actions or my behaviors from another area to accommodate the actions.

Actions will produce results, sometimes expected and sometimes surprises. I have to keep taking action and understand that I am not the one that determines the outcome on the consistency of the actions taken. I build up momentum for pushing on through when I recognize that actions will always produces results.

I think the toughest thing about taking action is the chance of the unknown – unknown results or unknown consequences that come from our out of my actions. When I can learn to accept that I am in charge of the actions an d not the results then I will be free to take all the actions I need.

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