Growing Momentum – Actions Beget Actions

Once the momentum gets going, actions will continue to produce more actions.

Actions do beget actions because the momentum of the first action makes the second action feel and look easier. If I will take that first step or do that one thing then the next one will come partly on the momentum the first produced.

Action begetting actions grow momentum that will drive us forward in pursuit of purpose

Momentum Creates Action Begetting Actions

The keys to creating that action adding action:

    1. Understand that the first step is the hardest ONLY because I have built up in my head that it is going to be tough.

    2. Slowing down is better than stopping so instead of a break I just am learning to change gears.

    3. Things work better and more efficiently if they are regularly worked – yes, this means I have to practice consistency.

    4. The more I do the stronger and better I become at that doing.

    5. The more I choose to take consistent action the more natural that action will become.

My desired success is only a momentum a way – not a moment but a momentum. It will take action to arrive and actions taken create the momentum for actions to be taken.

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