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Growing HOPE Shares Tips on Investing in Relationships

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Investing in Relationships

Reaching out and investing in others takes up precious resources. If we have been hurt, then we want to reach out even less – in part to avoid the repeat of the pain.

Everything worth doing and worth being has a foundation in relationships. If you want to build a better life, grow a business, or strengthen the fellowship of your church, relationships are a must.

Growing HOPE tips for investing in relationships

Investing in Relationships

Relationships don’t just happen. You have to make an investment to receive dividends.

  • Be willing.
  • Be interested.

  • Be inviting.

  • Be committed.

  • Be available.

Take a chance. Make a connection. Reach out. Grow up relationships and create the foundation you need to be bold in this journey.

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Be purposeful with investments in relationships. Although investment always carries some risk, the rewards with relationship investment will be worth it.

How will you invest?

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