Finding the Power to Push with Growing HOPE

Finding the Power to Push with Growing HOPE

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Keeping on keeping on can be difficult. Just the other day, my father-in-law – thinking he was complimenting me – told my husband that I was smart enough to get a good paying job. I am a writer. He has read my work. I have a job. Others don’t know it’s a job or don’t recognize it’s a job.

It gets frustrating.

Add to his comments the reality that I am not where I expected to be, and the going gets even tough. I want to crawl under a rock and hide. I want to quit. At the same time, I want to soar.

How do you mesh the two?

I don’t think you can “mesh” them. All you can do is find a way to keep going when the “quitting” vibe is strong.

How do you find your ability to PUSH?

the power of PUSH with Growing HOPE

It seems that when things get toughest for me, something breaks. I see something around me that makes me smile or even laugh out loud. I hear a song – you know THE song – that warms me from head to toe. A friend sends a note just to let me know that I am loved. Something happens to remind me that I can keep going.

So I do keep going.

You have to find that little something that helps you keep pushing. Maybe it’s a sunrise or the warmth of the sun on your shoulder. Maybe it’s a song about the sunshine on your shoulder. Whatever IT is, find it, hold it, and keep pushing.

You may not understand the directives, but you know the Director. Follow His leading and His guidance. Look for those moments of encouragement. Keep on keeping on.

And when you have done all that you think you can do then PUSH – pray until something happens.

Time to build a life of peace and joy

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