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Growing HOPE Quote of the Day for Monday, March 19, 2018

“The things I choose to put around me will make the day feel impossible OR will make the day simple.”
– Kathryn Lang

Flower with water - Choice for Simple

Some days it seems so simple – get up and do it and it gets done. I can hear the chorus of angels all around me singing encouragement and cheering me on. I see the path clear and level waiting for me to pursue that next step. It all falls into place and works out perfectly.

Yes, I have had one of those days.

And yes, they do seem to be few and far between. The more that’s going on, the more that the perfectly aligned days seem to fall to the wayside.

Most days it seems impossible – the dark clouds close in, the negative attitudes surround, and each movement feels trapped in glue. The problems stand around me taunting me. Troubles block my path and hinder any attempts to go around. I see nothing – no opportunities, no chance, and no hope.

Even days that begin with a focus on simple can get crowded out by the impossible.
Even days that begin with an emphasis on simple can get darkened by the troubles.
Even days that begin with a simple plan can get lost and confused.

The things we choose to put around us are the things that determine the outcome. You can choose the focus of simple or you can choose the focus of impossible. The circumstances don’t change. Your choice does.

And with that one choice, you change everything!

Make the intentional choice to choose a simple day by focusing on what you can do instead of letting the circumstances dictate your journey.


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