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Living Now – Two – Future Worries

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I turn my attention away from the worries of tomorrow when I am prepared for today – and as prepared as possible for tomorrow. When I do all that I can do and I work my plan then I am in a solid position to refuse to acknowledge the worries of tomorrow.

Push Past the Worries

I get to the place where I push past worries when I begin to meditate on the possibilities.

    1. I make a plan – I make a plan for what I will do with what I have. I make a plan for my time. I make a plan for balancing what I need to do with what I want to do. My plan keeps me focused.

    2. I work the plan – I actually take steps towards where I want to go. It is those days when I do work the plan that I find worry can’t get a foothold.

    3. I measure the results – I look at what I am doing and I see if what I am doing is getting it done. Unless I measure the results, I can end up staying busy without being active in purpose.

    4. I adjust the plan – I turn around when I need to or I make small changes to my schedule. When things aren’t going the way that I want them to go then I make the changes necessary to move me in that different direction that I desire.

    5. I skip the what if portion of the program – I just refuse to give the negative the focus it desires. Worry – it turns out – is really just meditating on the negative things.

I live now when I am not controlled by the worries of what has not yet happened. It is tough enough dealing with what is in front of me right now, but adding to that struggle the weight of something that doesn’t even exist makes it almost impossible to carry on.

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